Horizontal Directional Drilling services

Xcel offers horizontal directional drilling

When trenching and excavating is not possible, horizontal directional drilling is your best method. Xcel has experience with a range of boring services, including:
  • Roadway boring
  • Highway boring
  • Parking lot boring
  • Street boring

Going trenchless means we don’t have to dig up your property. Call 337-499-4593 today for information about our horizontal directional drilling services located in Texas and Louisiana, serving the Gulf Coast.

In addition to boring, Xcel Site Services also offers vacuum excavation for potholing and locating underground infrastructure. Our job is to get your fiber optic or utility installations done properly, using the techniques necessary to do the job right.

Contact Xcel Site Services today for all your underground wiring needs.

Xcel uses the latest technology in the DigiTrak F5 Falcon locating system providing real time bore path. We can provide a printable document of the final bore path when the drill is complete.

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